The Workshop + Mentoring

Individual Workshops/Mentoring

It is a great opportunity to build your senior business.  It will be taught by myself, Jessica Feely.  I’m excited to bring my knowledge and passion together to bring you this learning opportunity. I want to help you with your business through my experiences, tried and true, as well as the ones that didn’t work. I will cover how to jump start your business with high school seniors. My marketing techniques have proven to work over and over again. I also cover many other aspects of the senior business. Photography principles will be reviewed, and my complete in depth editing and workflow will be shown.

This workshop will be a great place to make connections and learn loads of information. If you own a digital SLR and you are wanting to start a senior portrait business, and improve your photography and business skills then this is the workshop for you. Mostly recommended for beginner and intermediate photographers.

This workshop is taught in several different ways to help you learn.

1. Through discussion and a visual presentation.
2. Hands on training 
3. Open Question + Answer

Next Workshop : Held one on one, so dates and times are flexible. 

Location : Sacramento, California

1 Day Event : Usually held on a Saturday, ALL day.

 Investment for the workshop : $850

Lunch & Dinner Provided

Those who sign up get my senior guide free + editing video.

**To sign up for the workshop, simply email me at or

Registration is first come, first served.  Payment is due at the time of registration.

The fine print : There will be no refunds within 30 days of mentoring.
* You are not eligible to attend the workshop if living within the Sacramento Area, but we can always visit and go to lunch! :)


What they said from the last workshops:

“When I signed up for Jessica Feely’s workshop, I honestly didn’t know what to expect.  I knew that I wanted to break into the senior market in my area and had no clue how to do it.  Well, I am sincerely SO glad I went!  It was worth every red cent, and more!
Jessica is open and honest and easy to be around and just FUN!  I want to go to another workshop of hers just to go!!!  She shares a ton of information that is sure to help anyone get off to a good start and will help even those who are further along in their careers.  I’m not a brand new photographer, but the content she covered was EXACTLY what I needed.  On top of that…Jessica set up shoots with the most amazing girls.  I have a TON of new portfolio pieces that in and of themselves were worth what I had to invest.
If anyone considering this workshop is on the fence about it…I say you better jump off that fence with both feet…RIGHT NOW.  It will be a decision you do NOT regret.
Thank you, Jessica for sharing what you’ve learned so openly with us!
Forever grateful!”

-Shannon K

“Thank you so much for such a great weekend.  I cannot believe how much you were able to pack into the allotted time and I really feel like I am walking away with an arsenal of new knowledge, really useful tips, AMAZING/cutting edge social media ideas, and a few new friends to boot.
You are such a good soul and I appreciate and am very grateful for the time I had with you.  I’d definitely come back for another workshop particularly since yours, from a hands-on technical aspect, was one of the best I’ve participated in.  Many many thanks!”
-Lisa A.

Additional Beginner Workshop :: April 12th, 13th, 14th.

I will be teaching a beginner workshop this year with Shannon Hollman. Please visit: for more details.